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Do you want a healthy mental stimulant that will give you healthy energy, yet act as a stress reducer? Baseline Nutritionals'® Warp Speed® will help improve your concentration while satiating & relaxing the body.

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Healthy Mental Stimulant to Improve Concentration & Stress Reducer to Relax the Body:

  • Naturally increases learning speed, mental clarity and improves concentration -- lasts for hours
  • Low-caffeine energy booster
  • Works with your body to resist the desire for comfort foods
  • Natural stress reducer to stimulate a physical sensation of well-being
  • Natural antioxidant protection for your brain

Are you stressed and need to relax to improve concentration? Or, do you need a little help getting through the day without having to resort to junk food snacks or high caffeine energy drinks or shots? A couple of droppersfull of Warp Speed® swished around in the mouth for a few seconds will give you relaxing mental clarity, help suppress your appetite, and just make you feel better about the world.*

Warp Speed® Instructions

2 droppers of Warp Speed swished around in the mouth (and swallow) as needed

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