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Do you have low energy from hormonal imbalance? Baseline Nutritionals'® Women's Formula naturally balances female hormones and boosts natural testosterone for energy, vitality, and vigor for life.

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Balance Natural Testosterone & Excess Estrogen for Energy & Vitality:

  • Rebalances your natural testosterone levels for energy and wellbeing
  • Nutritionally locks up excess estrogen
  • Increases your zest for life!
  • Loaded with Muira Puama, Damiana, Wild Yam Root, and Mucuna Pruriens
  • Ease symptoms of PMS and helps minimize menopausal symptoms
  • Nutritionally balanced for adrenal support
  • Improves muscle tone, reduces fat, and facilitates better circulation

Nutritionally helps a woman's body rebalance its natural testosterone and excess estrogen levels to increase energy, build muscle and reduce fat, and bring back that zest for life you long for.*

Women's Formula Instructions

2 droppers of Women’s Formula a day in 2 ounces of juice -- or up to 10 droppers at one time for special occasions.

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