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Unique anti-aging cosmetic product with exceptional natural growth factors of goat colostrum supported with the most effective anti-wrinkle, hydrating and anti- inflammatory natural substances

This light emulsion has a very pleasant and fresh scent. Right after the first application you can feel that your skin becomes soft and firm with a glowing and radiant look. If applied regularly it has a great anti-aging effect, the skin is hydrated and protected against the harsh effects of the environment.

The serum contains no preservatives and it suits all skin types, especially the sensitive ones. The main effective substance is a goat colostrum.

Top quality goat colostrum is much more effective than commonly known cow colostrum. Goat is the healthiest animal of all and it does not suffer from cancer, allergies and other civilization diseases. Colostrum is obtained from free-range goats, which are not

influenced by negative aspects of large agricultural farm breeding.

Natural growth factors of goat colostrum accelerate the skin cell renewal and the result of regular application is the removal of facial wrinkles. It also supports the immune system of the skin, which is important for mature skin where this effect rapidly increases epidermal cell renewal and overall skin response to other effective substances contained in the serum. Thanks to positive effects on skin immunity, the serum can be used also for damaged skin, especially for minor burns, scars, atopic dermatitis, eczema etc. where it has a great healing, anti-inflammatory and recovering effect.

Other substances working synergistically are Goat butter, Aloe actisea, Panthenol, Avocado oil, Sootex CQ, Sodium hyaluronate.

Goat butter restores natural protective skin barrier and increases elasticity and softness of the skin. Aloe actisea works as a moisture barrier, which slows down trans-epidermal moisture loss.

Panthenol has an anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It also binds the trans-epidermal water and optimizes skin functions.

Avocado oil improves softness and brightness of the skin. Sootex CQ - extracted from a plant called Boswelia Serrata has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Sodium hyaluronate has a high moisturizing and water content regulating function. It plays a big role in removing wrinkles.

The ratio and the amounts of particular active ingredients are selected with high respect to maximizing their effect and penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

Skin is glowing, it is smooth and soft but firm with pronounced facial contours.

Application: once or twice a day approximately two grams of serum – spread evenly on the face and neck or

problematic parts on the skin.

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