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Colon Regenerator™ (formerly known as Colon Detoxifier™)


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Not all colon cleansing products are the same. Our Colon Regenerator™ supplement absorbs all toxins, metals, fecal matter, drug residues, and more for natural colon cleansing.

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Colon Regenerator™ (formerly known as Colon Detoxifier™): More info

For Natural Colon Cleansing & Candida Control:

  • Strong colon purifier and intestinal vacuum.
  • Calms inflammation and irritation of stomach & intestines.
  • Draws old fecal matter off colon walls & bowel pockets.
  • Controls Candida by reducing yeast overgrowth.
  • For a superior colon cleansing product, contains Apple Pectin, Pau d’arco & Licorice Root.
  • Watch Video - Why & How To Do A Colon Detox

An intestinal purifier and colon detoxifier, this natural colon cleansing formula helps soften hardened fecal matter and draws waste from bowel walls and pouches for easy removal. It relieves straining, promotes regularity, and stimulates your body's natural healing and regenerating processes. Note: this health supplement contains Pau d'arco to specifically help control yeast overgrowth.*


Standard dosage of Colon Regenerator™ is 1 level scoop a day (equivalent to 1 level tbs) with 8 oz of diluted juice (best done by shaking in a small jar with a lid. Take on an empty stomach and then wait at least 30 minutes before eating any food.)

(Note: Although the Colon Regenerator™ is black in color, it has almost no taste -- a very mild licorice flavor in fact.)

Be sure to drink extra water throughout the day to lessen the likelihood of constipation.

Best if used with Colon Corrective™ to promote regularity during a natural colon cleanse.

Note: Can be binding if used on its own

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:1 level scoop
Servings per Container:25
Amount per Serving:7.5 grams
Container Size:8 oz (225g) canister
+ Certified Organic
> Ethically Wild Crafted
# Non-Irradiated

All ingredients are either domestically sourced or selectively imported
* Daily Value Not Established

No materials used to produce this product are derived from or contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

All Vegan and Vegetarian Formula
Click ingredient for more information
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Psyllium Seeds and Husks +3375 mgN/A*
Apple Pectin Powder #750 mgN/A*
Montmorillonite Clay750 mgN/A*
Activated Charcoal750 mgN/A*
Pau D'Arco Bark >375 mgN/A*
Flax Seed Milled +300 mgN/A*
Marshmallow Root +300 mgN/A*
Slippery Elm Bark +300 mgN/A*
Licorice Root +300 mgN/A*
Fennel Seed +300 mgN/A*
What Ethically Wild Crafted Means-

Psyllium Seeds and Husks

Rich in soluble fiber, Psyllium seeds and their husks have long been used to ease constipation and other digestion problems. A number of studies suggest that Psyllium may also be useful in lowering cholesterol, promoting weight loss (it makes you feel full), and aiding numerous other conditions.

Apple Pectin Powder

Lowers cholesterol and helps reduce the side effects of radiation therapy. In fact, it was used after Chernobyl to pull radioactive waste from victims. Apple Pectin is also another good source of fiber. It has the ability to form a gel which can bind water and toxins together, thus also bulking the stool and carrying the toxins out of the body.

Montmorillonite Clay

Montmorillonite Clay is a medicinal powdered clay derived from deposits of weathered volcanic ash. It is one of the most effective natural colon cleansing agents known capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in fecal matter. It is also capable of absorbing a wide variety of toxins in the intestinal tract. Technically, the clay first adsorbs toxins (heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides), attracting them to its extensive surface area where they adhere like flies to sticky paper; then it absorbs the toxins, taking them in the way a sponge mops up a kitchen counter mess.

According to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology (31 [1985], 50-53), Montmorillonite can absorb pathogenic viruses, aflatoxin (a mold), and pesticides and herbicides including Paraquat and Roundup. The clay is eventually eliminated from the body with the toxins bound to its multiple surfaces.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal does essentially the same thing in your intestinal tract that a charcoal block does in your water filter. It attracts and traps thousands of times its own weight in gases, toxins, food additives and other chemicals. As a side note, it can absorb over 3,000 known drug residues, making it an essential ingredient in the Colon Detoxifier product.

Pau D'Arco Bark

Pau D'Arco (Tabebuia heptophylla) comes from the rain forests of Brazil and other areas of South America. This amazing herb nourishes the body's defense system and helps protect it. Pau D'Arco has been used for centuries for immune system support, detoxification, and to support general health of the body -- especially in the joints. Research has shown that Pau D'Arco cleanses the blood, an important functions for a healthy immune system.

Flax Seed Milled

Flaxseed contains approximately 28% soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, with about 30 - 40% of the total being soluble. Research has shown that fiber lowers cholesterol, modulates glucose, and improves gastro-intestinal function. Sufficient fiber in the diet is vital to good health. The average American only consumes about 8.75 grams of fiber per day, but you need between 25-30 grams of fiber a day. Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of lignans, a type of beneficial phytoestrogen. In fact, flax provides 75 - 800 times more plant lignans than virtually any other known plant source. This is important because studies have shown that flax lignans are colon cancer protective.

Marshmallow Root

The great demulcent and emollient properties of Marshmallow make it useful in inflammation and irritation of the alimentary canal, and of the urinary and respiratory organs. Marshmallow's mucilage content helps soothe inflamed tissues -- not only in the intestinal tract, but also in the lungs making it beneficial in cases of bronchitis and asthma. The active biochemicals in Marshmallow are large carbohydrate (sugar) molecules, which make up the mucilage. This smooth, slippery substance can soothe and protect irritated mucous membranes, making it an essential healing ingredient in any colon cleansing product.

Marshmallow has been known to assist in indigestion, aid with the urinary tract, and even external skin wounds such as boils and abscesses. It is known to help ease the passage of kidney stones and is used in combination with other diuretic herbs for kidney therapy which assist in the release of gravel and stones. It works very well for urinary problems. Marshmallow also has factors which help to cleanse the body. This makes Marshmallow an excellent herb to add to other formulas to help neutralize toxins that are the causative factors of arthritis.

Marshmallow is also very soothing to any sore or inflamed part(s) of the body. As well as the urinary tract, this herb will soothe an irritated digestive tract and help with diarrhea or dysentery.

Slippery Elm Bark

The primary chemical constituents of Slippery Elm are mucilage (galactose), starch, tannins, calcium, vanadium, and zinc. The herb works with the body to draw out impurities and toxins, assisting with the healing of all body parts. And Slippery Elm's coating action also soothes the irritated tissues of the intestines, colon, urinary tract, and stomach ulcers.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root stimulates the production of digestive fluids and bile, soothes ulcers, helps reduce intestinal inflammation, and supports the healthy function of the kidneys, liver and bladder—allowing one to experience a soothing, healing effect while undergoing natural colon cleansing. Its action in soothing ulcers is unique. Rather than inhibit the release of acid, licorice root stimulates the normal defense mechanisms that ward off ulcer formation. Specifically, licorice root improves both the quality and quantity of the protective substances that line the intestinal tract; increases the life span of the intestinal cell; and improves blood supply to the intestinal lining.

Licorice Root has been shown to lessen symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. By enhancing cortisol activity, glycyrrhizin helps to increase energy, ease stress, and reduce the symptoms of ailments sensitive to cortisol levels, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. In the 1800s, licorice extract was a common remedy for a type of persistent fatigue known as neurasthenia, the condition now known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The phytoestrogens in Licorice Root have a mild estrogenic effect, making the herb potentially useful in easing certain symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), such as irritability, bloating, and breast tenderness. Although the glycyrrhizin in Licorice Root actually inhibits the effect of the body's own estrogens, the mild estrogenic effect produced by licorice's phytoestrogens manages to override this inhibiting action. In addition, the phytoestrogens in licorice root may help to minimize menopausal symptoms by compensating somewhat for the natural decline in a woman's estrogen levels following menopause.

Fennel Seed

Fennel is a carminative herb that helps reduce colic, gas, indigestion, digestive disorders, assimilation, nausea, and flatulence. It also can help break up kidney stones and uric acid in the tissues and is therefore used in dealing with gout.

Fennel will help assist in the removal of mucus and phlegm from the lungs and it will also help rid the intestinal tract of mucus. Its natural colon cleansing properties also have a cleansing effect on the gall bladder and liver.

Fennel will help improve digestive health and quiet hiccups. This herb is useful in reducing intestinal and stomach gas—a key necessity for colon cleansing products.

What Ethically Wild Crafted Means

Wild crafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food or medicinal purposes. It means the plants are uncultivated, and harvesting takes place wherever they may be found. Ethical wild crafting means that the harvesting is done sustainably.


  Do you have an Allergen statement?
This product is not manufactured with milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soy. It is produced in a GMP facility that processes some of these allergens. As part of GMP, quality procedures to prevent cross contamination and allergen contamination include separate warehousing, special air handling systems, physical separators, robust cleaning procedures, residue testing after cleaning, equipment surface swabs, etc. The standard operating procedures ensure compliance with current FDA guidelines and requirements for allergen control.
  I read that the Colon Regenerator formula absorbs drug residues. Is this a problem if I am currently taking medications?
No, but to be on the safe side, it's recommended that you take any medications a minimum of 20 minutes before or an hour after using the Colon Regenerator.
  Can I use the Colon Regenerator while on antibiotics?
Psyllium can make tetracycline antibiotics less effective, so consult your doctor for guidance before using Colon Regenerator while on a regimen of antibiotics.
  Eight years ago my colon was perforated. Is it safe to take the Colon Regenerator?

The Colon Regenerator by itself tends to be gentle, soothing, and healing of intestinal tissue -- particularly when used in the one scoop a day, month-long program. You can start with that and see how it goes. If you feel comfortable, you can follow up with a liver detox. Be sure and check with your physician before starting any cleansing program though. For all the information you need on doing the detoxes, check out: The detox centre.

  Isn't the charcoal in the Colon Regenerator harmful?

No, charcoal is not harmful. You can even buy charcoal tablets in the health food store, not to mention the fact that charcoal is one of the prime remedies for accidental poisonings. Perhaps you are referring to the byproducts produced when you cook meat at high temperatures on a charcoal grill. That, of course, has nothing to do with the charcoal, but rather the meat and the high temperature.

  Is it safe to use the Colon Regenerator while breastfeeding?
The Colon Regenerator is not recommended while breastfeeding. The product can stir up toxins that make their way into the blood and milk. The odds are minimal that it would be a problem, but it's still best to wait until you finish breastfeeding before doing a full detox.
  Can I take the Colon Regenerator more often than once daily?

Yes, Colon Regenerator can be taken more than once a day for cleansings. Note: the more Colon Regenerator you take, the more likely it is that you will bind up. Colon Regenerator contains clay and requires a Colon Corrective type formula to keep things moving when taken in large enough amounts -- which varies from person to person. Here is a link to information on how to use these formulas.

  Can the licorice root in the Colon Regenerator affect my blood pressure?
For obvious legal reasons, we cannot diagnose or prescribe for specific medical conditions, merely provide information. With that in mind ... There are only 300 mg of whole licorice (not concentrate or extract) in each serving of Colon Regenerator. That's a very small amount. It is included primarily for its ability to soothe the intestinal tract. So far, no one with high blood pressure has reported any problem at all associated with using the Colon Regenerator. In fact, most report a reduction in blood pressure as a result of doing the detox.
  Since I began using the Colon Regenerator, my stools are black! Is this normal?
Yes, one of the main ingredients in the Colon Regenerator is powdered charcoal.
  Will the Detoxifier drink interfere with my medications?
No, but again, to be on the safe side, it's recommended that you take any medications a minimum of 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after the colon detox powder so that there is no chance the detox powder will absorb the medication.
  Do I need to change my diet during this natural colon cleansing?
There are no food restrictions on the colon cleanse, but be smart. Reduce your intake of what causes problems in the first place: processed foods, excessive amounts of meat, commercial dairy, and sugar. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  Should I continue taking my vitamins and other supplements during the colon cleanse?
During the intestinal detox, you can continue to take all of your supplements. And once again, to be on the safe side, it's recommended that you take any supplements or medications a minimum of 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after the colon regenerator powder so that there is no chance the detox powder will absorb them.
  What if I miss a day on the colon cleanse?
The more consistent you are, the better the overall results. If a dose is missed, make it up one hour after you have taken your next scheduled dose and take the Regenerator for an extra day or two to finish the canister. In the end, though, a cleanse is defined by finishing the canister no matter how many days it actually takes.

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