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Hydrogen rich water ORP = -620mV, most powerfull antioxidant in the World

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                                 Supplement Drink for Athletes

                                                           Food Supplement

AQUA stamina

Hydrogen Water

- The strongest antioxidant

- Removes the hydroxyl free radical

- Anti- inflammatory effect

- Significantly accelerates healing

- Significantly accelerates the recovery after sport

- Significantly improves sport performance

- Significantly increases stamina

- Prevents fatigue

- Significantly accelerates the postoperative healing

How hydrogen-rich water works and why is it perceived by scientists as a key for healthy life and longevity

Since 1990, the expression of `Active oxygen species should be major cause for every disease` has become very popular in medical field. It has become possible, therefore, to postulate that abundant hydrogen in drinking water should have played vital roles in scavenging active oxygen species. Because of hydrogen low molecular weight, H2 can diffuse extremely rapidly into tissue for hydrogen as a selective antioxidant to bind with oxygen in order to produce H2O. In other words, if the living organisms depended on hydrogen-rich water in their daily lives, they might fulfill health and longevity relatively easily.

Why do we age?

The tissues of a human organism contain a large reserve of hydrogen. The depletion of this reserve with age results in the development of aging process signs. During the process of aging, the cells of our organism lose water, and a hydrogen pool, protecting the cells from harmful actions of the free radicals, becomes exhausted. As a matter of fact, all researchers of the longevity phenomenon agree that the free radicals bear the responsibility for aging.

Aquastamina is a product intended to support physical performance. Magnesium plays part in electrolytic balance and energetic metabolism maintenance as well as protein synthesis and contributes to normal condition of teeth and bones. It decreases fatigue and exhaustion. Together with potassium it helps to maintain the common activity of nerve system and muscles. Potassium maintains normal blood pressure level. Chloride is essential for the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which contributes to normal digestion.

SUPPLEMENT FACTS (AMOUNT PER SERVING):  water, sodium chloride 500mg (chloride 303mg-        37.9% of daily value), magnesium citrate 125mg (magnesium 20mg-5.33% of daily value), potassium citrate 78.3mg (potassium 30mg-1.5% of daily value), E949 (hydrogen, antioxidant).

ORP - 620mV

SUGGESTED USE:  1-3 packs daily. Maximum dosage: 3 packs/day                                                             Use 20-30 minutes before sustained work out. It is possible to use during and after the physical performance.

CONTENT: 420ml


The product is not intended for children under 12                                                                                             Suitable for athletes                                                                                                                                           Keep out of reach of children                                                                                                                             The product does not replace balanced diet                                                                                                                 Do not exceed suggested dosage                                                                                                                               Use within 24 hours after opening                                                                                                                       Potential sediment does not harm the product

STORAGE: Keep in dry place at maximum 25˚C. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

BEST BEFORE: See date on the package

PRODUCER: Nutristamina s.r.o., Mírová 98/18, Ostrava-Vítkovice, Czech Republic

DISTRIBUTER: Nutristamina s.r.o., Mírová 98/18, Ostrava-Vítkovice, Czech Republic

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