Ultra Natural Prostate with ApresFlex and Standardized Lignans, 60 softgels

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Ultra Natural Prostate with ApresFlex and Standardized Lignans, 60 softgels

Ultra Natural Prostate with AprèsFlex™ and Standardized Lignans softgelscombines cutting-edge natural ingredients that have been scientifically substantiated to protect the prostate gland and maintain its healthy function.*

The latest addition to this formula is AprèsFlex™, an extract of Boswellia serrata that has been shown in studies to have two times the bioavailabilityof the leading boswellia extract.

AprèsFlex™ inhibits the dangerous enzyme 5-lipoxygenase. Boron is included because of studies showing it may help slow elevation of prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

The formula provides sawpalmetto extractand Graminex Flower Pollen Extract™ to interfere with DHT activity and help regulate inflammatory reactions in the prostate.* Lycopeneis a carotenoid that has been added to the formula to help maintain healthy DNA gene function in prostate cells.

In order to boost its antiestrogen effect, Ultra Natural Prostate Formulaincorporates HMRLignan™ derived from Norway spruce, flax lignans and nettle root extract.  Since normal aging can lead to potentially unsafe levels of prostaglandins in the prostate, Pygeum africanumextract is included to help suppress prostaglandins and thereby promote prostate comfort.* Beta-sitosterolhas been added because it is the most biologically active component of pygeum and enhances its protective effects.

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