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Triple Action Thyroid, 60 capsules

Health supplement, 60 capsules

Comprehensive thyroid support.

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Comprehensive Thyroid Support

Ashwagandha: This adaptogenic herb can support production of thyroid hormones. In one clinical study, 500 mg per day of standardized ashwagandha extract encouraged healthy changes of T4 thyroid hormone levels.5

Guggul: An extract of Commiphora mukul, guggul was shown in one pre-clinical study to support the activity of the enzyme that converts T4 into the most active thyroid hormone, T3.6

Korean ginseng: In one clinical study, ginseng was shown to promote healthy levels of the inactive, thyroid hormone-inhibiting reverse T3 (rT3) and to support healthy T3 and T4 levels.7

Iodine and L-tyrosine: Production of thyroid hormones depends on these two nutrients.8

Vitamin B12: B12 levels are associated with thyroid hormone levels.9

Vitamin A: This important nutrient supports healthy thyroid function.10

The suggested dose of Triple Action Thyroid is one capsule twice daily. If blood testing for thyroid function reveals less than optimal hormone levels, consult your physician for further evaluation.

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